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Our Mission:
To continue to supply the ropeway industry with quality engineering and products.

Who We Are:
  Since 1981 Superior Tramway Company has been serving the tramway industry with quality lift parts. We stock parts for Riblet, Heron, Heron-Poma and of course Superior chair lifts at our shop in Spokane. This equipment covers many aspects of an aerial tramway including line machinery, chair assemblies, line sheaves, chair clips, derail protection systems, tension systems, drive terminals, brake systems and rigging equipment.




   Our custom and stock parts range anywhere from a simple derail switch mount to complex hydraulic tensioning systems. We also have the ability to fabricate and/or rebuild motor rooms upgraded with control systems that meet current ANSI B-77.1 standards.

  Since Riblet Tramway Co. closed it's doors almost 10 years ago, we have been filling part
of the resulting void by providing parts and services for those chairlifts. We offer some rebuilt Riblet equipment and our own Superior line of products that are compatable with many
of Riblet's products.

Superior News: 2014:
• Sheave liner prices reduced!
   -Details Here
• Replacement tire for Riblet 4703.
    - See tire letter for more details.
• Complete Chairlift: Superior can now produce complete fixed grip lifts.

Our History & Sales Territory:
  While the vast majority of our sales occur in the United States, we provide parts and services to ski areas and other resorts internationally as well. Our customer base ranges from Costa Rica in the Caribbean, to the far-east of Taiwan, as far north as Yukon Territory, Canada and as far south as Chile, South America. See our News page for more information.


New for 2014:

·  Superior tension drive terminal

·  Damper stiffeners for CTEC quad hanger

·  1-1/2" Tires - Replaces Riblet 4703

·  Spring applied/hydraulic release E-brake

·  Armbars for Riblet #6881 basket

·  Bullwheel Retention for Riblet 8x8
   overhead drive terminal

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Shop Capabilities:
  Our shop is equipped with machines and tooling to manufacture most ropeway components. Our on-site machine shop includes several lathes with DRO scales and a CNC mill. The craftsmen in our fabrication shop select from several MIG/TIG welders, 1/2" plate shear, and other various tools to consistently produce quality ropeway parts. Below is a general list of our shop equipment.

• 4 Lathes - 3 with DRO scale upgrades
• 2 Mills - 1 with CNC DRO control
• Plate Shear - Capable of shearing up to 1/2" A36 plate.
• 6 Drill presses.
• 3 Band saws - 1 with automatic control.
• 150-Ton press brake.

• Piranha iron worker.
• 6 Welding machines - TIG, wire feed, & stick.
• Hydraulic pipe benders and other presses.



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