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Engineering Services:

  Aerial Engineering Inc, offers complete ropeway solutions from preliminary design engineering to annual inspections and load test procedures. Our customer base ranges in size from hand powered river crossing trams to one of the largest bi-cable tramways in the US.
  Our engineering staff collectively represents multiple engineering disciplines with a cumulative 70+ years of aerial tramway experience. We maintain P.E. licenses in multiple states and provinces, in addition to our connections to P.E. licensed engineers in many other states.

  The collective experience we posess, allows us to offer precise modification options that can extend a lift's lifespan or increase it's usefulness. These modifications can range from converting a external grip to an insert clip or converting brake pump units to a standardized unit with stocked replacement parts available as just a couple of examples. Over the years we have widened line gages, converted double lifts to triples, added cell tower antennas, and upgrade mechanical drive systems. Most any upgrade that is possible, we can assist with. Below are some of our services listed in bullet point form. If the service needed isn't listed, feel free to contact us as the list below is not exhaustive. We would welcome the opportunity to assist in any way.

• Chairlift Design & Installation
• Chairlift Relocation
• Surface Lift Design & Installation
• Zipline Design & Installation
• Troubleshooting Lift Issues
• Load Testing
• Inspections
• Lift Upgrades
• Design Reviews

Superior Services:

  We offer other services that are more product related as well. Our shop has the capability to rebuild multiple makes and sizes of gearboxes. We have rebuilt Western, Conedrive, Westinghouse, and Hansen gearboxes as well as serviced numerous CAT planetary final drives.

Murray Latta
Murray Latta hanger with CC-01 chair clip installed.

  We also can convert Riblet sheave frames to accept either the sealed JRM bearings or the standard OEM bearing set. This conversion is only possible on the newer style Riblet square tube sheave frames but is more cost effective than a new sheave frame. Similarly, we can convert OEM Riblet sheaves from the two-piece bearing set to the single piece JRM cartridge bearing; however, unlike the sheave frame conversion, we cannot convert a sheave back to the 2-piece assembly that was the standard Riblet bearing set.

  We also have the capability to provide NDT testing of chair clips and grips per ASTM E 709 instruction. We have Magnaflux capability on site and test large and small quantities. Our staff includes MT Level II and MT Level I technicians to perform NDT inspection in house. Should the need arise, we also have within our supplier network MT Level III inspection capabilities.

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