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Superior Aftermarket Products

  Our aftermarket product line covers every aspect of the Superior charlift, virtually every aspect of Riblet lifts as well as multiple other kinds of aerial tramways and related parts. What we don't have on hand, we have the capability to either acquire or design via Aerial Engineering Inc. Below are some

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product highlights. If you don't see what you need, please feel free to contact us and we will see what can be done.

  Each section has a "Browse" link to view our product information sheets. From that new window you can browse each section and view a different sections sheets. Individual PDF copies of specific product details are available here.

Browse Chair Parts

Chair Parts & Related:

   We offer a wide range of parts related to chair baskets, hangers, and related components. This list continues to grow in size as new products are developed to meet new needs in the industry as they arise.

• CC-01
• CC-05
- Superior insert chair clips for 1-1/8" or 1-3/8" rope ø. Designed to replace the Riblet #6 and #8 clips, our new clips come with a 10-year pro-rated warranty. The CC-05 can be provided with 1-1/4" shank diameter as part of a quad-bail hanger torsion dampening modification for Riblet Quad hangers.

• CC-07- Superior insert chair clip designed for 1-1/2" rope. Designed to replace Riblet #9 clips, these are also covered by the same 10-year pro-rated warranty. Shank diameter's available: 1-1/8" ø & 1-3/8" ø. The 1-3/8" shank diameter was designed for use in our Superior A1871 Quad Bail hanger.

• 811-49
• 811-50
- Superior derail cards for Riblet and Heron lifts. Designed to be an inexpensive break-off card option with long life and high adaptability for fixed grip lifts.

• A1857- New derail card designed specifically for SLI lifts. Designed to replace Riblet #6585 derail card as well as standard SLI break-off cards. Long life and low replacement cost.

• CH-10- Superior torque arm style sway dampener. Designed to fit all 1-1/8" ø chair clip shanks, the CH-10 features a no-weld design as well as adjustable dampening friction.

• A1891- Superior torque arm style sway dampener designed to fit 1-1/4" ø & 1-3/8" ø chair clip shanks. The A1891 dampener also features a no-weld design, adjustable dampening friction, & compatibility with the Superior A1871 Quad-bail hanger or a Riblet 15-deg wide quad-bail hanger.
*In development*

• CH-Parts- We offer a wide array of hanger, basket, and seat options. Double centerpost hangers available in 8' and 9' variations. Bail hangers available in double, triple, or quad styles in standard and Riblet "wide" configuration. Baskets - centerpost & bail, seats - wooden & steel, and armbars are currently available for double, triple, and quad hangers.

• A1871R1- Superior wide quad bail hanger with torsion dampening mod. This hanger was developed in 2011 as one of our answers to the fatigue issue of Riblet quad hangers and their related clips. Designed to replace the Riblet 15-deg wide hanger, this hanger comes with a hot dip galvanized finish and requires the CC-07 chair clip with 1-3/8ø shank. View a sketch of the A1871R1 hanger here.

• A0590- Superior work chair for on-line servicing. Hanger styles available for straight vertical offset and 15-deg offset as well as a combination hanger that will fit both lift hanger styles. Features a twin-level work platform with safety tie-off points. Has a 500# capacity and weighs 220# empty.

• A1875- Our other solution to the fatigue issue encountered by Riblet Quad Bail hangers. Currently designed for the wide style hanger and consisting of a new torsion dampening interface between the hanger stem and bail coupled with a larger shank diameter chair clip. This may be a more economical solution than a new hanger while providing similar results. View an assembly drawing of the modified hanger here and a picture of the modified hanger here.

Hydraulic Pump/Tension Units

  We have an array of hydraulic products ranging from replacement kits for Ambac & Skinner valves to hydraulic tensioning systems with integrated brake control manifolds. All of our brake pump units can be built for 12VDC, 24VDC, or 110VAC control systems. Additionally we have recently designed a Superior service brake(A1817) as well as a caliper brake(A1832). More info on them available below. The parts listed below are only a sample of what we offer.

Interested in a hydraulic pump upgrade? Fill out this form, email or fax it back to us and we will get back to you with a quote or other recommendations.

Browse Pump Unit Details:

• DR-61- Single pressure brake pump unit for brake actuation pressures up to 3,000 PSI.

• DR-63- Multi-pressure brake pump unit for brake actuation up to 3,000 PSI. Can control up to 3 seperate brake pressures.

• DR-64- Hydraulic tensioning system adaptable for 110V or 220V, 1-PH or 3-PH power supply. Can be modified to control up to 3 brakes.

• A1811- Pressure intensifier allows our DR-6x brake pump units to achieve brake actuation pressures above 3,000 PSI if necessary.

Brakes & Related Parts:

• DR-12- E-Brake actuator for a CAT final drive capable of applying 5,500 Lbs.

• A1817- Superior service brake designed to work with the DR-63 or DR-64. Pivot points are provided with Teflon bushings and stainless steel pins creating a wear compensating design. Torque values are adjustable from 200-750 Ft/Lbs.

• A1832- Superior caliper brake designed to work with the DR-61 or DR-63 pump units. Unit is spring applied, hydraulic release and has the same wear compensating design as the A1817 service brake. Torque values are adjustable from 50-300 Ft/Lbs.

Low Voltage Control Panels

   Our low voltage control systems come in a wide range of sizes with an extensive array of capabilities. Our EC line of panels is capable of everything from a simple stop panel to a complex monitoring station capable of monitoring all electronic aspects of a drive system. With varying degrees of complexity and customization, the EC line of panels can fit any need.

Interested in a LV controls upgrade? Fill out this form email or fax it back to us, and we will be get back to you with recommendations and a quote.

Browse Panel Details:

• EC-09D- PLC based relay logic master control system. Includes sun visible indicator tower derail circuits LED, speed controls, and much more. Compatible with DC & AC variable frequency drives as well as wound rotor style. Can be UL 508A listed.

• EC-10A-D- Configurations exist for a stop button (EC-10C) with start alarm to more advanced remote control panels (EC-10A, EC-10B, & EC-10D)

• EC-11- Accel/Decel monitor with A1387 line speed encoder.

• EC-06B/C- Tower Circuit derail indcator panel for anywhere from 1 to 25 towers. Individual LED indicator lights display each tower's derail circuit for more efficient troubleshooting.

• EC-15- The drive interface panel is available for HP ratings from 1/2 to 60 HP. This fused panel is UL 508A listed and has a breaker switch.

• EC-18- The drive monitor panel compares the drive signal speed and the rope speed for excessive speed or acceleration. Also can measure stop distance & time.

• EC-17- Designed to be an all-inclusive enclosed drive cabinet. Includes drive, EC-15 interface panel, integrated heater, etc.

• EC-19- Diesel speed control panel for controling 2 diesel engines. Provides electric and mechanical throttle control and automatic line speed control. Will interface with the A1872 mechanical throttle actuator. *In development*

Wire Rope Handling Products

   We have products to handle a wide array of rope handling requirements. Multiple variations of plate clamps with pulling capacities from 20,000Lbs to 40,000Lbs. Rigging blocks with load capacity of up to 30-ton as well as a cable detensioner rope lifting frames.

Browse Cable Handling

• D-1- Cable detensioner capable of detensioning rope up to 25,000Lbs for clip insertion/inspection or core installation/removal. Also designed to be light and self supporting.

• BC-48- Lightweight aluminum plate clamps in 10-bolt configuration for pulling up to 20,000 Lbs.

• A0535
• A0482
- Steel plate clamps in a 8, 12, or 16 bolt configurations to pull up to 40,000 Lbs.

• A0906
• A0907
- Rigging blocks designed for 20 or 30 ton loading.

• A1091- Tower crossarm rope lifting frame available for 10' - 12' gage line towers.

Superior Line Machinery

  Our line machinery ranges from modification of existing Riblet sheaves and sheave frames to our own design of line machinery to meet any line machinery need. Our standard series ranges from two-sheave frames up to 8-sheave evener frames, including chairguides and mounts. We offer reconditioned Riblet line sheaves that include ugpraded bearings and new liners. All of our LM series has been designed to the ANSI B-77.1 standard and are stronger than OEM line machinery.

Browse Line Machinery

• LM-Series- Superior line machinery is compatible with Riblet tower crossarms, but is not interchangeable with Riblet line machinery. LM-01B has card mount for the 811-49 derail card. Tower axles available for both lattice and channel style crossarms.

• LM-51A- Superior 8-sheave evener frame for pairing with our LM-03A and LM-01B frames. Can have LM-21 chairguide mounted directly to the frame for either a breakover or depression assembly via the LM-53 mount.

• LM-67C- Superior spring loaded assembly for use on towers with positive and negative loading. Replaces a Riblet NN or LL assembly.

• Tires- Tires for Riblet, Heron, and Heron/Heron Poma sheaves available. To determine which tire will fit on a Riblet sheave, find the Riblet cast flange number, then view this chart Tires for Riblet 2300 and 2400 series sheaves are kept in stock and typically ship same day.

• A1113- Sheave bearing retrofit kit for existing Riblet line sheaves. Provides greater life than the OEM parts and eliminates the exterior seal. Retrofit kits are a stock item.

Other Various Parts

  In addition to our standard product line, we also can produce custom products. We have varying quantites of used lift parts in stock including used Riblet double centerpost baskets, 18"ø tower pipe, #7 & #8 chair clips and bolt-on lattice style 10' Ga crossarms.

  Other custom products that we have produced include bronze lined tram saddles, tram carriages, PHB gondola grip parts, lift specific hangers, and galvanized tram cabin utilized at a military access station.

  We also stock or can get most parts for Heron-Poma lifts. Since we have the original Heron-Poma drawings, we can fabricate or cross-reference parts.

Browse Other Parts

• B1410
• B1437
- External Heron-Poma grips for 1-1/8"ø and 1-3/8"ø rope diameter. Grips are sold as a complete assembly or as individual components. Grip castings come with Magnaflux NDT compliance certification.

• HP-Misc- As mentioned above we can aquire a wide range of parts for Heron-Poma lifts. This includes but is not limited to, sheave liners, bullwheel liners, cable sleeves, sheave hubs & flange, etc.

• "Keys To Lift Maintenance"- Aerial Engineering publication Vol. 1 on general lift maintenance written by Aerial Engineering president Jim Ellis. This handy reference covers a wide range of maintenance topics ranging from basic electric to operator training.

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